Energy, Authenticity, Sovereignty, Playfulness, Spontaneity, Love, Clarity, Integrity, Joy

These Wondrous Gateway of Light Energy Discs open into the highest most beneficial resonances for evolving consciousness and transformation.

They are a gift of the New Energy, transmitting love beyond duality... the preconscious love brings a resonance to support you in Absolute Love and Acceptance and integration in Highest Consciousness.

New Energy technology supports and promotes our Alignment to our own Clear Essence, and informs & Enlightens as it helps to optimise health & wellbeing. Each golden Gateway of Light energy disc constantly delivers the highest of New Energy resonance to enhance personal and collective expansion, evolution and enlightenment.
The discs respond to and support your conscious intent: decide where you want the energy directed and that's where it will go! If you stick it on the wall it will simply project a high vibration. If you direct one for a specific function, for example, to heal a certain condition, or preserve food, or assist you to hold your energetic integrity in a challenging field, the energy will support that.